Factors in Packaging Decisions

Packaging Sticker
Packaging Sticker

Packaging decisions are important for several reasons including:

  • Protection – Packaging is used to protect the product from damage during shipping and handling, and to lessen spoilage if the protect is exposed to air or other elements.
  • Visibility – Packaging design is used to capture customers’ attention as they are shopping or glancing through a catalog or website. This is particularly important for customers who are not familiar with the product and in situations, such as those found in grocery stores, where a product must stand out among thousands of other products. Packaging designs that standout are more likely to be remembered on future shopping trips.
  • Added Value – Packaging design and structure can add value to a product. For instance, benefits can be obtained from package structures that make the product easier to use while stylistic designs can make the product more attractive to display in the customer’s home.
  • Distributor Acceptance – Packaging decisions must not only be accepted by the final customer, they may also have to be accepted by distributors who sell the product for the supplier. For instance, a retailer may not accept packages unless they conform to requirements they have for storing products on their shelves.
  • Cost – Packaging can represent a significant portion of a product’s selling price. For example, it is estimated that in the cosmetics industry the packaging cost of some products may be as high as 40% of a product’s selling price. Smart packaging decisions can help reduce costs and possibly lead to higher profits.
  • Expensive to Create – Developing new packaging can be extremely expensive. The costs involved in creating new packaging include: graphic and structural design, production, customer testing, possible destruction of leftover old packaging, and possible advertising to inform customer of the new packaging.
  • Long Term Decision – When companies create a new package it is most often with the intention of having the design on the market for an extended period of time. In fact, changing a product’s packaging too frequently can have negative effects since customers become conditioned to locate the product based on its package and may be confused if the design is altered.
  • Environmental or Legal Issues – Packaging decisions must also include an assessment of its environmental impact especially for products with packages that are frequently discarded. Packages that are not easily bio-degradable could draw customer and possibly governmental concern. Also, caution must be exercised in order to create packages that do not infringe on intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks or patents, held by others.

What Is Packaging & Labeling in Marketing?

Packaging and labeling reflect marketing strategies.

Packaging and labeling do more than protect and identify your company’s products. They play a vital role in developing your image and brand within your target market. Failing to pay attention to the design of your packaging and labeling can decrease the visibility and attractiveness of your products, which can be devastating for sales.


Packaging has four distinct marketing functions, according to the book “Essentials of Marketing,” by Charles W. Lamb and colleagues. It contains and protects your product. It promotes your product. It helps consumers use your product — for example, by allowing them to reseal it between uses. Finally, packaging facilitates recycling and reduces environmental damage.


Your product’s label delivers your sales message. You can explain what benefits you offer that competitors don’t, for example, or promote a prize or discount. You also can develop brand goodwill by showing customers you share their values. For instance, images of happy families, healthy athletes and green pastures each speak to different types of consumers. Labels also must fulfill your legal obligations. Food manufacturers, for example, must publish detailed nutritional information in a specific format and employ marketing terms — such as “low-fat” or “reduced cholesterol” — that conform to federal regulations. Finally, your product might need a UPC, or universal product code, especially if it will be sold in high-volume retail outlets.

Standing Out

A notable logo and color scheme can help differentiate your product from those of your competitors, as can the shape of the product packaging. Bright colors attract attention and draw the customer’s eye — unless all your competitors have bright packaging and labels. In that case, a subdued design scheme might stand out more. For example, some potato-chip companies use understated designs on gourmet-style products to differentiate themselves from brightly colored, mass-appeal items on the same shelf.


Novel packaging can attract consumers, but practicality is equally important. For example, if your competitors use resealable packaging for their food products, consumers might favor those products over yours simply due to their practical benefits. Inconvenient packaging — for instance, if the item is huge or hard to open — also can hurt sales.


When people see your product, they should think of your brand. The packaging and labeling of each item in your product line should match all others so your promotion efforts can coordinate. For example, suppose you promote one type of product with a magazine advertisement. All the other items in your product line will benefit from the exposure if they share similar design characteristics and a recognizable logo.

Packaging and labeling your products

Packaging Sticker
Packaging Sticker

Product packaging must be appealing in order to attract and hold the consumers’ eye and attention, and serve as an efficient and functional shipping container.

Most physical products require packaging. This involves the design of a box or wrapper that contains the product. In addition to the function it performs—to hold and protect the product—it is also a powerful selling tool.

Products can have multiple packages. This includes the container itself, such as a bottle, can, or case. This is often enclosed in a box for protection purposes. The product may also have a case or larger container to ship multiple products within one box. Each of these packages, particularly those that the consumers see before their purchase, offers the opportunity to communicate information to consumers at a critical point in their decision making process.

Packaging offers the opportunity to:

Protect the Product

  • Reduce costs due to breakage.
  • Protect the product in transit: for example breakable or perishable items such as perfume, light bulbs or food.
  • Protect the product on the shelf: from theft, damage or tampering (i.e., pharmaceuticals or CDs).

Promote the Product

  • Complement other promotional activities.
  • Communicate information: core benefits, “why to buy” testimonials, Internet addresses and toll-free telephone numbers, for products like tools or software.
  • Display the product: attach to display hardware or stand upright as with gloves or cell phones.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Do Directory Submissions

13-landscape-brochure-designWhat I am discussing about are the big business directory websites which gives huge value and advantage to your website especially if your have the product or services that you wanted to get recognize locally and globally.

Basically what you need are the following

  • Business Name (or Company)
  • Contact Information (Email Address and Contact Number)
  • Business or Company Address
  • Business and Company Profile
  • Business and Company Photos (Preferably the location)

Now let us discuss the reasons why you should submit your website to this business directories.

Reason One, Search Engine Advantage

Having your website added in the business directories, it is immediately recognized by search engines which also helps in your campaigns for search engine rankings mainly because business directories are found credible by this search engines.

Reason Two, Website Becomes Credible

Submitting in a business directory is not a joke, this is a paid submissions. What this means is you automatically give your website credibility in terms of who, what and where is your business which visitors will clearly see.

Reason Three, Business Directory Serves As a Channel to Get Customers

If you have a business website, then we are all in agreement that our main goal is to make sales, and this is another channel or option for any business owner to try.

Reason Four, You Know Your Competitions

Who would not want to know their competition in the business? This is a channel where you can identify your competition and learn how you can improve and be better than them.



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Label Printing Choices

If you’re searching for a company to print labels, Printing by Design offers a variety of options. The following label printing choices you can benefit from with PBD, (also called sticker printing) are as follows:

Rotary Web Printing

Rotary web is a high speed roll stock label printing done on a narrow web press. The purpose for our label printing company using this type of sticker printing press is higher quantity runs in the thousands. Pricing on a rotary label printing press is the best of any press, so long as you require the higher quantity runs. The labels can be delivered to you on rolls, for ease of use or machine application or as trimmed singles. Another benefit of rotary web is that you get the widest source of materials and adhesives available.

Sheet Fed Label Printing

This type of flat press sheet type of printing is best used when the size you require is too large in size for the rotary label presses or the run is a small run, especially if not full color and can be done on a small “quick print” style press with a label printing company.

Packaging Sticker
Packaging Sticker

Die Cut Label Printing

The most economical form of sticker printing for the short runs, when you require a special die cut label size, is using Avery labels. They offer a wide variety of pre kiss cut labels, on letter size sheets that can be run through “quick print” presses. The Avery labels can even be run on smaller full color presses, like the “GTO” or similar but not the larger presses. When you require sheets of pre die cut labels and or for shorter runs this type of press is for you. For larger presses, they are not available. Therefore for large quantity runs you will need to utileze the larger sheet fed presses, followed by custom die cutting or rotary presses.

Sticker Printing Styles

There is a wide choice of materials available for you to be printed on. The most simplistic is the Avery label for sticker printing, as they come pre die cut on, sheets of a few labels, to many up as well as in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and die cut styles.

For conventional sheet fed presses, the choices are basically smooth offset, gloss or semi gloss, also referred to as dull or velvet. There are some custom text weight choices, coming from the high end stationary paper companies as well. The widest array of materials will be found on the rotary web printing presses. When choosing this type of press, your requirements cannot be short run because much of the cost is simply starting up the run on these larger printing presses. Materials range from offset and gloss coated standard materials, to Mylar labels, vinyl label stock, metallic labels, holographic label stock, fluorescent and static cling materials.

Calendar Printing As an Effective Marketing Tool

Corporate Branding  - Calendar

You can benefit by printing calendars as a promotional tool for your business. By doing so you not only can get your message out about your products and services but do so in a way that lasts all year,

calendar printing company serviceswhile only investing in the production of the calendar once.  If you want to promote your business and aim it on an upward growth pattern, then as all business must, promotion and advertising is a business necessity.  What can separate your message from your competitors is if you do it in style and with a twist, your business message cuts through the crowd. In addition, it is a nice way of staying in touch with your customer base as well as using calendar printing as a tool to attract new customers with.

Promotional calendars are a proven and cost effective way to market your business throughout the year.  It is a fabulous image booster and most people look at it as if it were a gift rather than a promotion thus differentiating it from a brochure or other standard printed piece. Calendar printing is a classy way to present your message and your brand.  One recent independent survey portrayed the usefulness of a business gift and an important to your business as it is a functional printed message.


It is a good idea to choose great photos for any calendar printing venture as it becomes a reason beyond the functional one of seeing the date for the viewer to appreciate it. The better the images, the longer the eyeballs of those you want glued to it will be there. Make sure to target your exact demographics with the photos you choose.

With calendar printing there is limited room for your message, think clearly how you can keep your message concise and on point. Don’t forget to include a “call to action”, such as “contact us now” within your copy.  You can even have little promotional messages on many if not all of the dates.

When calendar printing , stay conventional on the specifications in order to maximize your investment and keep your costs down. A standard and cost efficient calendar size is 8.5 x 11” opening to 17 x 11” and easily fits into a standard booklet envelope for mailing. The standard page count is 28, which allows for 12 monthly grids, 12 images and a four page cover. A “self cover”, where all the paper is on the same stock is the most cost effective way to print calendars and is less money than if a heavier stock for a cover is used. 100# gloss book is the standard paper stock used and anything thinner will rip through when hung on a nail or hook.

Some quick points on the benefits from calendar printing:

1-      A great promotional tool for your products or services.

2-      Your products or services are in front of your prospects all year long.

3-      Impress your customers with a “virtual business brochure” with a new twist.

4-      Increase your brand visibility.

5-      Your brand is promoted not just monthly but daily.

6-      If you are an organization, calendar printing is a great fund raising idea.

7-      Calendar printing is cost effective, with only a once annual investment.

8-      People like the idea of receiving a gift and calendars are welcomed and can be presented as such.

9-      Use great photos that target the demographics of your customer.

10-   Use concise and to the point copy.

Corporate Branding – Calendar

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